Dean Engineering

Prof. Shahab Khushnood
Prof. Shahab Khushnood

Prof. Shahab Khushnood has assumed the additional position of Dean Faculty of Engineering with effect from April 2020. Salient features of his resume are summarized below;

  • PhD Mechanical Engineering, NUST Islamabad.
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering, UET Lahore.
  • MBA (Marketing), AIOU Islamabad.
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, UET Lahore.

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Wah Engineering College, a constituent of University of Wah, has successfully appeared at the spectrum of higher education institutions of Pakistan. All our academic programs are well organized and are very relevant to the national needs. At the moment we are offering UG degrees in Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Civil and Chemical Engineering and Masters in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. We expect to start Computer Engineering soon.

We are lucky to be located in the city of Wah, which is the only city having literacy rate as high as 99 % having its own intrinsic advantages. Also, situated at the hub of big national industrial setups of POF and research and development centers, we have no difficulty at all in providing industrial visits, internships and other practical/ industrial experiences.

The faculty, the students, the infrastructure, and the curriculum are the four major pillars on which the whole concept and the building of any institution rests. Each one of these holds equal importance in its own preview. We at WEC have excellent lab facilities and with ever changing technological needs of the time these are continually updated by our visionary and requisitely qualified faculty.

The technological world is changing at a very rapid pace which is directly affecting all nations and communities and interfering in their family, cultural, traditional, religious and social values. The role of academic institutions and higher seats of learning have thus become more profound and pronounced. Our administration and the faculty members are mindful of their role in preparing our students for these technological and social challenges so that our graduate not only become sound professionals but conscientious citizens.

Alumni of any academic institution is a bridge between the institution and the professional world. We are putting a lot of efforts in creating and maintaining a strong bond with our Alumni and we expect that our Alumni will fall back to us with suggestions and with mutual help make this network useful and strong.

My dear students I urge you to learn maximum out of the life you are in. The class rooms, the labs, the hostel life; all are meant to teach you important life skills. We have a very strong students’ affairs department with a large number of clubs and societies organized and run by students under the patronage of very experienced and seasoned faculty members. You must join at least one of these clubs of your choice. Through academic and these co-curricular activities make long lasting relationships with teachers, your colleagues and this institution and reap multifaceted advantages. Don’t waste this rare opportunity. Let me also tell you that all our major thrusts and my personal academic goals are STUDENT focused and we are all the time worried to further improve your living and learning environment. Your success is our highest priority, since in it lies the progress and future of Pakistan.

God bless you all.