MS Rules and Regulations

  1. General
    1. NOC is required from degree holders from other Universities for the registration of MS program in University of Wah.
    2. The Minimum period for the completion of MS degree program shall be two years (4 semesters) from the date of registration and the maximum period shall be four years (08 semesters) for all faculties.
    3. The employees of the government/other agencies nominated for MS degree at this University shall have to take study leave to pursue studies as a regular student, failing which he/ she will not be admitted. However, after getting admission by a nominee in the university, it would be obligatory for the parent department to sanction the study leave or extension in the leave in favor of the nominee within one semester failing which, his/her admission shall stand cancelled.
    4. The UW may allow its employees to enroll them for postgraduate courses (after getting permission from the competent authority). He/she under this arrangement will be a part time student and full-time employee.
    5. Admission in the respective department shall be approved by the Dean of concerned faculty
    6. The course offered for the degree programs may be amended from time to time.
    7. A student shall present an acceptable thesis in addition to completing his/her approved course work in order to qualify for the award of the degree.
    8. A student admitted to the degree programs shall be required to take minimum 24 credits (excluding 06 credits for thesis research). Deficiency course(s) shall not be counted toward the minimum credit hours requirement.
    9. Under special circumstances when a course(s) is(are) not offered in UW, a student may take a maximum of six credit of relevant courses in another HEC recognized institute/university. The grade so earned must not be below “B”. Any such course(s) could be transferred on the recommendation of Chairperson subject to the approval of Board-of-Faculty.
    10. All semester examinations shall be held at the University Campus.
    11. English shall be the medium of instructions
    12. If the course(s) studied by a student in his/her previous degree (on the basis of which admission is requested) do not provide adequate background for the degree program of study, he/she may be required to make up the deficiency by taking additional course(s) as determined by the respective Departmental Board-of-Studies.
    13. To pass a deficiency course, a student is required to obtain at least “C” grade.
    14. Deficiency course once qualified will not lapse and shall not be called in question again and need not to be revalidated.

  2. Research Work and Appointment of Supervisor
    1. A student may register for thesis on the successful completion of 18 Cr Hrs course work with a minimum CGPA of 2.50.
    2. Each student shall perform research work as partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree under the supervision of a supervisor appointed for the purpose by the BASR (Board of Advanced Studies and Research) on the recommendations of Chairperson and the Dean of Faculty.
    3. Where necessary and desirable, Co-supervisor may also be appointed.
    4. A Supervisor must be a faculty member of the University of Wah.
    5. A Co-supervisor (optional) can be faculty member of UW/another University or R&D organization from the relevant field.
    6. Supervisor appointed for MS research must hold a Ph.D./MS degree as permissible under the HEC rules on the subject.
    7. A student selects a field of interest and requests his/her research supervisor to assign a topic of research/thesis.
    8. The student will have to give a seminar on assigned research topic called Research/Project Topic Approval Seminar in front of Guidance and Evaluation Committee (GEC).
    9. After a positive report of GEC and the supervisor, topic of research along with research proposal will be submitted by the Chairperson to BoF for approval of BASR.
    10. In case, a student, duly recommended by the Chairperson and Dean of the Faculty concerned to conduct his/her complete/part of thesis research in other institution/laboratory, is allowed by the Dean/Chairperson BASR/VC the coordinating researcher/scientist may be taken as Cosupervisor/ special member on the supervisory committee of the student. However, the University will not bear any financial liability in this context.

  3. Guidance and Evaluation Committee (GEC)
    1. Guidance and Evaluation Committee (GEC) of the student will be constituted by the Chairperson in consultation with supervisor and approved by the Dean of the concerned Faculty.
    2. The constitution of the GEC will be as follows:
      1. Suitably qualified and experienced individual as decided by the Chairperson in consultation with Dean of respective faculty will be head of the committee.
      2. Student's Supervisor
      3. Co-supervisor (if any).
      4. Two experts from the Department concerned with Research interests in the relevant field. Each expert must hold at least MS degree.
    3. The supervisor cannot chair the GEC.
    4. One faculty member will not chair more than five GEC committees.
    5. The student will preferably brief the committee on a quarter-yearly basis about his/her progress on the research project/thesis and seek further guidance from its members. The proceedings of the meetings must be recorded.

  4. Thesis Defense
    1. On successful completion of the research work, the Supervisor on the approved proforma shall inform the Controller of Examination through the Chairperson concerned and Dean about the date on which the “Thesis Defense” is to be held. The Vice Chancellor shall appoint an external examiner from a panel of examiners recommended by the concerned Chairperson and Dean of the Faculty.
    2. Thesis Defense shall be held at the University Campus on such a date as may be notified by the Controller of Examination in consultation with the Supervisor/ Chairperson.
    3. The student shall defend his/her thesis in front of a committee consisting of Chairperson, Supervisor of the student, Co-supervisor (if any), GEC members and an External Examiner.
    4. The thesis shall be evaluated by one External Evaluator and one Internal Evaluator.
    5. The supervisor shall send the award list of thesis examination after counter signature of the Chairperson to the office of the Controller of Examination and making sure that the student has incorporated the suggested improvements.
    6. After successful defense of thesis, the student shall submit hard-binded copies of his/her thesis signed by Supervisor, External Examiner and Chairperson, to the Controller of Examination, one each for Controller of Examinations, University Library, Supervisor, Cosupervisor (if any), GEC members, Department and the student.
    7. Plagiarism report along with the certificate from Supervisor and declaration by the student must be submitted to Controller of Examination while submitting the thesis. The Controller of Examination shall notify the result of the student after receiving a copy of thesis.
    8. If a student fails in the thesis examination, he/she may enroll again and will submit a revised thesis within six months after the date of declaration of the result of the last thesis examination, on payment of the prescribed thesis examination fee. He/she can avail this chance only once.
    9. If the thesis, submitted by a student for final evaluation, is proved to be copied/plagiarized as per HEC criteria, it will be liable to be rejected on the report of supervisory committee and the Controller of Examination will declare the student fail in thesis examination. The admission of such student shall be cancelled, and he/she shall not be readmitted under any circumstances.
    10. If the thesis of a student is proved to be plagiarized as per HEC criteria after its evaluation and declaration of result, previous result of the student will be cancelled, and he/she will be declared as fail in thesis examination. Such a student shall not be readmitted to MS under any circumstances.
    11. Each successful student shall be awarded the Degree of Master of Science in the relevant discipline.


The situation prevalent due to COVID-19 may necessitate modifying the above given policies, rules and regulations which cannot be foreseen now. The changes/amendments/fresh instructions, if required, would be issued in line with the policies of Govt of Pakistan, Govt of the Punjab, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Punjab Higher Education Commission, Punjab Higher Education Department, Board of Governors, and various Accreditation Bodies/Councils.