BSc Chemical Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: FSc Pre-Engineering with at least 60% marks or DAE with 1st Division in relevant technology. Merit determined on the basis of 50% FSc marks & 50% UW Entry Test marks. UET Entry Test result is acceptable and such candidates will be exempted from UW Entry Test.
Degree Requirements: Minimum 133 Credit Hours Duration: 4 Years Semesters: 8

Scheme of Study

Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
Ch.E-111 Computing Fundamentals 1   Ch.E-301 Heat Transfer Fundamentals 3
Ch.E-111L Computing Fundamentals Lab 1   Ch.E-302 Mass Transfer Fundamentals 3
Ch.E-101 Engineering Materials 2   Ch.E-302L Mass Transfer Fundamentals Lab 1
ENG-103 Communication Skills 2   Ch.E-303 Chemical Reaction Engineering 2
CHM-104 Applied Chemistry - I 3   Ch.E-303L Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab 1
CHM-104L Applied Chemistry Lab - I 1   Ch.E-304 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics - II 2
ME-101 Engineering Drawing 1   Ch.E-304L Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Lab 1
ME-101L Engineering Drawing Lab 1   Ch.E-331 Unit Processes 2
ISL-101 Islamic Studies 2   MTH-306 Numerical Analysis 2
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 14 (11+3)   MTH-306L Numerical Analysis Lab 1
          TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 18 (14+4)
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
Ch.E-102 Industrial Stoichiometry - I 3   Ch.E-311 Chemical Engineering Mathematics 2
Ch.E-121 Particle Technology 3   Ch.E-341 Chemical Engineering Economics 2
Ch.E-121L Particle Technology Lab 1   Ch.E-342 Chemical Reactor Design 2
MTH-109 Applied Mathematics - I 4   Ch.E-343 Process Heat Transfer 3
PHY-101 Applied Physics 3   Ch.E-343L Process Heat Transfer Lab 1
PHY-101L Applied Physics Lab 1   Ch.E-344 Separation Processes
ME-102L Mechanical Technology Lab 1   Ch.E-344L Separation Processes Lab 1
PKS-101 Pakistan Studies 2   Ch.E-312 Transport Phenomena 3
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 18 (15+3)     TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 17 (15+2)
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
Ch.E-201 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 2   Ch.E-411 Process Modeling and Simulation 2
Ch.E-201L Fluid Mechanics Lab 1   Ch.E-411L Process Modeling and Simulation Lab 1
Ch.E-231 Chemical Process Industries 2   Ch.E-441 Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer 3
Ch.E-231L Chemical Process Industries Lab 1   Ch.E-442 Chemical Engineering Plant Design 3
Ch.E-202 Industrial Stoichiometry - II 2   Ch.E-451 Maintenance Engineering 2
Ch.E-202L Industrial Stoichiometry Lab 1   MGT-401 Engineering Management 2
Ch.E-221 Mechanical Separations 2   Ch.E-499 Plant Design Project 3
CHM-205 Applied Chemistry - II 3     TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 16 (15+1)
CHM-205L Applied Chemistry Lab - II 1        
ME-201 Applied Mechanics 1        
ME-201L Applied Mechanics Lab 1        
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 17 (12+5)        
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
Ch.E-203 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics - I 2   Ch.E-444 Instrumentation and Process Control 3
Ch.E-222 Chemical Engineering Fluid Dynamics 2   Ch.E-444L Instrumentation and Process Control Lab 1
Ch.E-222L Chemical Engineering Fluid Dynamics Lab 1   Ch.E-452 Environmental Engineering 3
Ch.E-251 Energy Engineering 3   MGT-402 Entrepreneurship 2
Ch.E-251L Energy Engineering Lab 1   Ch.E-4XX Engineering Elective 3
MTH-208 Applied Mathematics-II 4   Ch.E-499 Plant Design Project 3
EE-208 Electrical Technology 2     TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 15 (14+1)
EE-208L Electrical Technology Lab 1        
Ch.E-205 Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills 2        
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 18 (15+3)        

Elective Courses

Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
Ch.E-421 Gas Engineering 3   Ch.E-432 Energetic Materials 3
Ch.E-422 Nuclear Engineering 3   Ch.E-412 Computer Aided Design 3
Ch.E-431 Polymer Engineering 3   Ch.E-446 Biochemical Engineering 3
Note: The elective courses offered by the department in a semester can be changed depending on the available resources and will be notified one week before the commencement of semester.