The Electrical Engineering Department was established in 2004 and is one of the largest departments of WEC. The department offers B.Sc. and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering. Annually 80 students are enrolled in the undergraduate program. The department conducts its programs with a mission to augment the Electrical engineering education by imparting basic understanding of Electrical engineering fundamentals based on a foundation of physical sciences, mathematics, computing, and technology. The programs are designed to groom students for required technical as well as managerial skills for their practical life and to enable them to smoothly pursue higher studies.

The department has a vibrant research program both at faculty and graduate levels. Faculty members and students are aggressively pursuing collaborative research with the local industrial giant, Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF), Wah. Major research interests include Renewable Energy, Power Distribution Systems, Signal and Image Processing, Control Systems, Communication Systems and Sensor Networks.

Graduates of the department are expected to possess knowledge of the fundamentals of Electrical engineering with at least one specialized area. The programs of Electrical Engineering are designed to serve the following objectives:

  • Provide basic knowledge of electrical engineering principles along with the required supporting knowledge of mathematics, physical sciences, computing, and engineering fundamentals.
  • Develop basic skills needed to design and execute experimental projects.
  • Develop technological capability to meet social needs using electrical engineering principles, tools and practices.
  • Develop ability to formulate problems/projects and to plan a process for solution by taking advantage of diverse technical knowledge and skills.
  • Develop the ability to organize and present information and to write and speak effectively.
  • Provide sufficient breadth and depth for successful subsequent post-graduate studies and to undertake lifelong professional pursuits.
  • Develop critical and independent thinking to provide solutions of practical problems encountered by relevant industries.
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