The department has the following laboratories to meet the academic requirements of students and faculty members in addition to research and professional needs of the public and private sector organizations. Click on lab name for detailed information.

No Name of Laboratory Status Lab Engineer Lab Staff
1. Communication Lab Dedicated Ms. Roobi Zahra Mr. Waqas Shouket
2. Electronics Lab Dedicated Mr. Syed Hassaan Ahmed Bukhari Mr. Yasir Hussian
3. Digital Electronics Lab Dedicated Mr. Azan Rasool Mr. Adnan Mehmood
4. Electrical Machine Lab Dedicated Mr. Ashar Wahid Mr. Amir Jamil
5. Instrumentation & Control Lab Dedicated Ms. Kiran Arshad Mr. Arif Mehmood
6. Power System Lab Dedicated Mr. Inzimam ul Haq Mr. M. Imran
7. Project Lab Dedicated Mr. Habib ur Rehman Mr. Adnan Mehmood
8. Computer Lab Dedicated Mr. Sheikh Tamoor Hussain Mr. M. Imran
9. Electrical Machines & Power System Lab Shared Mr. Muhammad Tanveer  
10. Engineering Materials Lab Shared Mr. Shahid Iqbal Mr. Muhammad Amir Khan
11. Fluid Mechanics Lab Shared Mr. Raheel Ahmad Mr. Muhammad Zareen
12. Thermodynamics Lab Shared Mr. Shahid Iqbal Mr. Ghulam Mustafa
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