PhD Mechanical Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: MS Degree in relevant discipline with minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00 or equivalent (70%), or GAT-Subject (60% Marks), or GRE-Subject (60 Percentile).
Degree Requirements: Minimum 30 Credit Hours Duration: 3 Years Semesters: 6

Scheme of Study

The courses in PhD Mechanical Engineering degree program are categorized as:
  • Elective Courses (18 credit hours)
  • Dissertation (12 credit hours)
Code Course Title CH
ME-7XX Elective - I 3+0
ME-7XX Elective - II 3+0
ME-XXX Elective - III 3+0
ME-XXX Elective - IV 3+0
ME-8XX Elective - V 3+0
ME-8XX Elective - VI 3+0
ME-899 PhD Dissertation 12

Code Course Title CH Code Course Title CH
ME-711 Finite Element Analysis 3+0 ME-741 Engineering Optimization Techniques 3+0
ME-7110 Introduction to Modal Analysis 3+0 ME-742 Design of Experiments 3+0
ME-712 Engineering Plasticity 3+0 ME-743 Reliability and Quality Engineering 3+0
ME-713 Modeling and Simulation 3+0 ME-744 Applied Artificial Intelligence 3+0
ME-714 Advanced Solid Mechanics 3+0 ME-811 Advanced Fatigue Fracture Analysis 3+0
ME-715 Theory of Plate and Shells 3+0 ME-812 Advanced Mechanical Vibrations 3+0
ME-716 Fracture Mechanics 3+0 ME-813 Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines 3+0
ME-717 Mechanics of Composite Materials 3+0 ME-814 Modal Analysis 3+0
ME-718 Dynamics of Machinery 3+0 ME-815 Non Linear Finite Element Methods 3+0
ME-719 Continuum Mechanics 3+0 ME-816 Structural Dynamics 3+0
ME-721 Manufacturing Systems 3+0 ME-817 Special Topics for PhD Program in Design 3+0
ME-7210 Composite Materials 3+0 ME-818 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 3+0
ME-7211 Nano Materials 3+0 ME-821 Welding & Nondestructive Testing 3+0
ME-722 Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3+0 ME-8210 Non-linear Thermal and Mechanical Systems and Applications 3+0
ME-723 Advanced CAD/CAM 3+0 ME-822 Supply Chain Management 3+0
ME-724 Scheduling of Manufacturing Systems 3+0 ME-823 Casting and Solidification of Materials 3+0
ME-725 Manufacturing Planning and Control 3+0 ME-824 Materials for High Temperature Applications 3+0
ME-726 Advanced Manufacturing Techniques 3+0 ME-825 Corrosion Engineering 3+0
ME-727 Advanced Engineering Materials 3+0 ME-826 Special Topics for PhD Program in Manufacturing and Materials 3+0
ME-728 Behavior of Materials under Impact Loading 3+0 ME-827 Advanced Composite Materials 3+0
ME-729 Advanced Metal Forming 3+0 ME-828 Advanced Nano Materials 3+0
ME-731 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3+0 ME-829 Theory of Thermal Stresses 3+0
ME-7310 Heat Transfer with Phase Change ME-831 Turbulence Modeling 3+0
ME-732 Advanced Heat Transfer 3+0 ME-832 Renewable Energy Systems 3+0
ME-733 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3+0 ME-833 Combustion and Environment 3+0
ME-734 Advanced Thermodynamics 3+0 ME-834 Convective Heat Transfer 3+0
ME-735 Tribology 3+0 ME-835 Radiative Heat Transfer 3+0
ME-736 Advanced Transport Phenomenon 3+0 ME-836 Special Topics for PhD Program in Thermo-Fluids 3+0
ME-737 Advanced Turbo Machinery 3+0 ME-837 Thermal Aspects of Phase Change 3+0
ME-738 Advanced Power Plant Systems 3+0 ME-838 Advanced Conduction Heat Transfer 3+0
ME-739 Compressible Flows 3+0 ME-839 Advanced Compressible Flows 3+0