Chairman Board of Governors

Lt. Gen. Umar Farooq Durrani HI(M)


We live in a world where technology has become the catalyst of rapid change. It has single-handedly enabled us to put our ideas into motion, our dreams into tangible reality. Universities push forward the frontiers of knowledge, and transform people's lives. The educational dynamics of this era demand an express need for a multi-dimensional educational system, where the focus is on educating and transforming students into spirited professionals for the greater good of society and the nation.

A society hinges its intellectual future on the shoulders of young educated men and women. It is therefore prudent that we educate and condition our ablest young men and women in the fundamental fields of engineering knowledge. We must make them wise on how to understand and cope with change and impart to them the fundamental attributes of wisdom, courage, determination, confidence and a life-long vitality. Research and Development is a key driver of innovation and competitiveness among institutes of higher learning. It plays a defining role in strengthening academic institutions which are judged not only by their capability to transfer knowledge but also the capacity to create new knowledge.

WEC is engaged in providing quality engineering education at undergraduate and post graduate levels at affordable costs. Students are empowered through holistic development into socially responsible citizens able to bring about positive reforms in society. Focus is on equipping them with a strong knowledge base so they can successfully harness opportunities the world has to offer.

WEC is in close coordination with key public and private sector agencies to drive the processes of knowledge transfer. All efforts are directed towards positive contribution in business development and economy of Wah and adjoining areas, garnering help of many industries in the locality with a view to make them its partners in national development.

It is my sincere prayer that WEC attains advancement, strength and distinction in its professional endeavors. The focus on quality education will, In Sha Allah, make WEC one of the top ranking engineering institutes of Pakistan.

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