About QA&E Cell

Improvement in quality, be it of a product or service, is a must-have commodity for improved organizational performance. Quality aims to test the affectivity of the processes of an organization. It is a never-ending process that provides the organization with a yardstick in achievement of mission, vision & goals which it has set for itself by pointing out the loopholes in the system put in place. Quality Assurance, in educational institutions, refers to administrative and procedural activities implemented in a quality system so that the mission, vision & objectives of the institution are successfully fulfilled. Quality Assurance & Evaluation together make up the ‘cycle of quality improvement’: systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers prevention of these loopholes.

Keeping in view the above points, the QA&E Cell at UW shall aim to provide guidance & assistance to the university proponents in technical & academic aspects & issues under the able guidance of Director QA&E & the Vice Chancellor. It shall monitor & enhance academic & research activities at UW, providing solutions for any issues faced in due course of action, as well as active involvement in several curricular & co-curricular activities that contribute to improvement of students’ learning experience at the university.

Following office holders are hereby nominated for induction in the subject cell:

  1. Brig Khalid Mehmood Anwar (R) - Director, QA&E Cell
  2. Dr. Asim Farooqi - (Chairperson,Mechatronics Engineering) - Deputy Director, QA&E Cell
  3. Mr. Nasir Mehmood - (Chairperson, Management Sciences, UW) - Deputy Director, QA&E Cell
  4. Mr. Muhammad Sami-uz-Zaman - (Lecturer, EE Deptt, WEC) - Assistant Director (Technical), QA&E Cell
  5. Miss Noreen Batool – (Lecturer, Education Department, UW) - Assistant Director (Non-Technical), QA&E Cell

Kindly note that this is a provisional list & more personnel shall be added in due course of time to complete the QA&E. The designated officers shall presently work from their assigned offices until provision of a separate work-space for the QA&E Cell. Further enhancements to the Cell, in terms of addition of individuals & resources, shall be accorded shortly.

It is requested that each department earmark a focal person for interacting with QA&E Cell for the purpose of effective communication & co-ordination between the Cell & the academic proponents of UW.

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