Director's Message

Brig Khalid Mehmood Anwar (R)
Director, QA&E Cell

The vision, mission and objectives are the foremost requirement of any educational institution. These are the segments for which institution is built. The university of Wah, having defined these is putting all its resources and efforts to get as close as possible for their successful accomplishment. Since most of the more important outputs are intangible, and qualitative, we need to monitor these very closely and intelligently. Although, at the University of Wah, we emphasize that every faculty member is knowledgeable about, what quality of the output means and how it is to be maintained, the major task of assuring quality is shouldered by the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Cell (QA&EC). We believe that quality assurance and enhancement is a dynamic process.

The leading universities of the world keep raising the bar of excellence and every university of the world, while keeping it relevant to its needs and culture tries to reach that level in every aspect of learning. We at the University of Wah are continually and passionately committed to reach that bar of excellence while keeping in foresight our national needs and national quality policy. It is continuous efforts.

With whatever learning resources we have, QA&E Cell helps the academic departments and the management to continuously evaluating, that is, assessing, monitoring, maintaining and improving the quality of education.

Our learning practices and outcomes are responsive to quality policies given by HEC on every aspect of education. Every individual is inspired towards ‘self evaluation’, before involvement of QA&E office. After these internal checks we appreciate the help from national evaluation body, namely Quality Assurance and Assessing office (QAA) of HEC to help us know, how closely we are meeting the goals compared with national requirements. They give us a broader perspective.

From the admission process till the students graduates each activity is to be monitored and made more effective so that the students who graduates possesses the expected knowledge, skills and the wish to serve humanity as dictated by the mission of the university.

At QA&E office, it is our passionate aim to embed deeply into all faculty members and staff the true meaning and concept of quality in every academic activity they embark upon, and ultimately bring quality in their everyday life.

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