Eye In Silicon Valley Seminar Series

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Program Information

Alumni and friends of NED living abroad conduct 120 minute seminars on their field of expertise via video conferencing. The 120 minute time is divided up into a 90 minute presentation followed by 30 minute Q&A session. The seminars are held weekly, on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day, while the University is in session. Presentation and video recording of the seminar are made available after the seminar has taken place.


  • Undergraduate/graduate level faculty/students at University of Wah.
  • Other universities and institutes of Pakistan.
  • Representatives from the industry and government.


  • Silicon Valley Alumni:
    • Mukhtar Zaidi, P.E. - Silicon Valley Builders, San Jose, California.

Venues (Simultaneous)

  • Wah Engineering College, Computer Lab 4.
  • Silicon Valley: NexLogic Corp., 2085 Zanker Road, San Jose, California.


  • Pakistan Time: 9:00am - 11:00am Thursday Mornings
  • US Pacific Time: 9:00pm - 11:00pm Wednesday Evenings

Fall 2015 Calendar

  • All seminars are on Thursday morning (Pakistan Time), Wednesday evening (US, Pacific Time).
  • Seminar Topics and Speakers may change on short notice.
Seminar NumberTime and Date (Pakistan)Seminar TopicSpeaker
1 Aug 20th, 9am to 11am Challenges in getting Oil and Gas from Shale Resources Dr Khalid Aziz

Khalid Aziz is the Otto N. Miller Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Emeritus Professor of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University. Over the years he has held several positions in industry and academia, including various assignments at Stanford University, including Chair of the Petroleum Engineering Department and Associate Dean for Research in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University. He is the founder of the Computer Modelling Group (CMG) and a co-founder of Neotechnology Consultants, both in Calgary, Canada. In Pakistan he held several positions with Karachi Gas Company, including that of the Chief Engineer. Currently he serves on the Advisory Board of the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering at LUMS.
Dr. Aziz is a member of the National Academy of Engineers and a distinguished member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He is the recipient of numerous industry awards including the SPE’s Honorary Member Award (highest award given by SPE), SPE Ferguson Award, SPE Reservoir Engineering Award, and SPE Lester C. Uren Award. In 2008 the University of Calgary conferred Honorary Doctor of Laws degree on him. I He served as a Director of SPE from 1997 to 2000. He is the author or co-author of over 200 technical papers, two books (Petroleum Reservoir Simulation and Flow of Complex Mixtures in Pipes), one monograph (Gradient Curves for Well Analysis and Design), and one of the major contributor to the Theory and Practice of the Testing of Gas Wells, published by the Energy Resources Conservation Board of Alberta.
Dr. Aziz’s technical interests include multiphase and single phase flow in pipes, reservoir simulation, optimization oil field development and operations, natural gas engineering, non-conventional well modeling, hydrocarbon fluid phase behavior, and shale gas and shale oil recovery. He is a frequent consultant to the international oil and gas industry and national oil companies in various countries.

2 Aug 27th, 9am to 11am

Cavium story, trends and new directions in network security - A Fireside chat By Zulki Khan

In this chat, we will explore the career of Raghib Hussain from Karachi to Silicon Valley. The story of Cavium and how it became a multi-billion company. We will also talk about network processors, network security and semi conductors in general. We will ask Raghib for his advice for entrepreneurs about various aspects of a startup. We will end with Raghib giving his sense where Technolooy is headed.

M. Raghib Hussain

Raghib Hussain is one of Cavium founders and has served in various management and technology leadership roles since the inception of the company in 2000. He is currently serving as Corporate Vice President/General Manager and Chief Technology Officer. Prior to Cavium, Raghib held various engineering roles at Cisco and Cadence Design Systems. Prior to that, Raghib served at VPNet, an enterprise security company, of which he was a founding team member. At VPNet, he was a key contributor to the design of the first commercial IPSec based VPN (Virtual Private Network) gateway. Raghib has 18 U.S. patents issued and several pending. He holds a BS degree in Computer Systems Engineering from NED University in Karachi, Pakistan, and an MS degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose University


Sept 3rd, 9am to 11am

Innovation, Invention & Entrepreneurial Thinking

In this talk, Mir Imran will share his insights into the process of innovation and invention.  He will explore the different models of innovation that are practiced by scientists and engineers in academic and industrial settings, discuss the nature of disruptive and incremental innovations, and provide a framework for innovation that can easily be learned and practiced. He will also provide an overview of InCube Labs and describe how innovation is practiced at InCube, citing examples of successes and failures.

Mir Imran

Mir Imran has spent the last 35 years focusing on his passion: creating
breakthrough medical innovations that can improve the lives of millions of patients. Mir began his career in 1979 as a healthcare entrepreneur and has since founded more than 25 life sciences companies, more than half of which have been acquired by large companies and four have gone public.  Mir has been running his R&D lab, InCube Labs, since 1995 and is recognized as one of the leading inventors and entrepreneurs in the field. He holds nearly 500 US patents and several thousand foreign patents, and is perhaps most well-known for his pioneering contributions to the first FDA-approved Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD).   Three of Mir’s companies – Nfocus Neuromedical, Zonare and Spinal Modulation – were recently acquired by large med tech corporations, and a number of other InCube portfolio companies are making strong progress in developing and commercializing their technologies.  In addition to leading InCube Labs, Mir also runs InCube Ventures, a life sciences venture fund; VentureHealth, an on-line venture fund; and Modulus, a medical manufacturing company


Sept 10th, 9am to 11am

Creating Innovative Companies: Lessons from Silicon Valley

Naeem Zafar

Naeem Zafar Bio


Sept 17th, 9am to 11am

On Co-Evolution of Network Attacks and Intrusion Detection Systems

In the current computing
infrastructure, the network is widely considered as the weakest link. In this
talk, we will talk about evolution of network attacks during the 21st
century, and how intrusion detection systems have evolved to cater for such
attacks. In particular, we will talk about applications of information
theory—which was originally developed for communication and cryptographic systems—for solving key problems in intrusion detection. We will conclude by discussing open problems in information-theoretic intrusion detection.

Syed Ali Khayam

Syed Ali Khayam has a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University. From February 2007 to January 2012, he served as an assistant professor at the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS), National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. At NUST-SEECS, he was the founding director of the Wireless and Secure Networks (WiSNet) Research Lab [http://wisnet.seecs.nust.edu.pk]. WiSNet lab published over 70 research articles in some of the most competitive networks, communications and security conferences and journals. In his academic career, he won research and consultancy grants from Nokia Research, Korean Research Foundation, Pakistan National ICT R&D Fund, Tellabs, Marvell Technologies and Nokia-Siemens Networks. He has one grated and 4 pending patents with USPTO.

In March 2011, he co-founded a technology company, xFlow Research, which was focused on providing services in the software defined networking space. During his tenure at xFlow, the company won business from Marvell Technologies, Dell, Netgear, Cavium Networks, and Calient Technologies.

Since March 2012, he has been working with a Silicon Valley based startup, PLUMgrid, where he heads the engineering department responsible for product packaging and delivery.


Sept 24th, 9pm to 11pm

No seminar due to EID


Oct 1st,   9am to 11am

TBD Osman R


Oct 8th,   9am to 11am


Naveed Sherwani, PhD


Oct 15th, 9am to 11am

TBD  Asad Jamal

Oct 22nd, 9am to 11am

No seminar due to Ashura



Oct 29th, 9am to 11am


Anna Nguyen

Having come from Internet giants such as Yahoo!, YouTube and Google, Anna arms the company with a tremendous amount of industry experience and success. She was an initial member of the Operations team at Align Technology where she helped lead the company through a successful IPO. From there she worked in the Sales Operations team as an Advertising Account Rep for Yahoo! where she also drove special projects to improve process and adserving efficiencies. She then went to YouTube as the founding member of YouTube’s Operations team building out the Ad Ops, Technical Production, DSM Administration, and Ad Technology teams. After Anna took YouTube through a successful acquisition by Google, she rolled out monetization to NASO, EMEA, and LATAM before settling in as Head Of Media Operations for YouTube, Orkut and the Google Content Network for JAPAC. Before joining PlaceIQ, Anna was SVP Global Operations for Mocean Mobile and Mojiva.com, where she ran Client Services for the Brand Sales & Direct Response teams, Ad Ops, Technical Account Management and Publisher Operations.

1st Multi-disciplinary Student Research Conference

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Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization University of Wah (ORIC-UW) organized the 1st Multi-disciplinary Student Research Conference on 14-15 November 2015. The conference was multi-disciplinary, covering most of the topics from the areas of Basic Sciences, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering and Computer Sciences. It invited unpublished research papers on topics covered under these broad areas.

University of Wah is pursuing professional development of students for enhancement of their technical knowledge, management and communication skills in line with international standards and practices. The scope of the conference was to provide a national forum, for students at different levels (MS, MPhil, PhD) in general and undergraduate level in particular, to share their research achievements. University of Wah is trusted with the responsibility of promoting a healthy culture of research and technical writing skill enhancement along with nurturing of technical presentation capabilities in front of a diverse audience in the form of technical paper for validation and further endorsement of their contribution at a professional level.

Structure of ORIC

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The following are the administrative structure of the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) which also reflect the key functions of the ORIC:

Manage and enhance the research activities of the university, develop research policies and priorities, and serve as an effective advocate for research with the university and to its broader community of stakeholders and supporters.
Manager of Research Operation
Responsible to oversee all aspects of the operation of the ORIC including research administration (budgeting, auditing and accounting, human resources, management and maintenance of facilities and equipment, implementation of research contracts and human resources)
Manager of Research Development
Develop programs and activities that will increase funding for research from all public and private sources, establish and maintain excellent relationships with donors and stakeholders, oversee proposal development and submission.
Manager of University Industry Linkage
Promote the development of public-private partnerships in support of university research, link the university’s research community with the needs and priorities of the corporate sector, develop opportunities for applied research and explore opportunities for technology transfer and the commercialization of university research (including incubators and research parks).

Establishment of ORIC

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Research and Development is a key driver of innovation and competitiveness. It plays a defining role in strengthening academic institutions and in increasing institutional competitiveness. Therefore, to experience the future growth in the research grounds, the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is established at University of Wah.


Some goals of ORIC shall encompass the following:

  • Induction of research groups in the fields of study on offer at University.
  • Research Proposals for national funding agencies by all departments.
  • Incentives for faculty to write proposals and win research grants/write research papers out of meaningful research.
  • Undertaking research in defense related projects, especially of POF.
  • Collaborations with foreign universities for facilitation of research.
  • National and international collaborations with public and private industries and universities in the form of MOU’s.
  • Departments to devise short courses booklet relevant to fields of study.
  • Research milestones be given to departments (3-4 Conference Papers and 2 Journal Publications in Impact Factor Journals every year).
  • One Conference annually by one department at a time.
  • Arranging an Annual Research Seminar/Conference at UW/WEC.
  • Initiation of UW/WEC Research Journal recognized by HEC.
  • Setting up of Centers of Excellence (CoE) at WEC to facilitate research activities.
  • A company may be registered for carrying out commercial activities that is, marketing of products developed by the departments, mentioned above and other related requirements.
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