NGIRI Approved Projects

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI) Project 2019

No. FYP Title Department Approved Amount PKR
1 Customer Following Trolley for Shopping Malls Electrical Engineering 33,000
2 Design and Fabrication of a Modular Reconfigurable Robot for Locomotion Mechatronics Engineering 27,586
3 Design and Fabrication of an Earthworm Robot for Locomotion in a Medium Sized Pipe Mechatronics Engineering 40,335
4 Design Development and Control of Four Degree of Freedom Robotic Manipulator Mechatronics Engineering 45,740
5 Energy Monitoring System for Houses and Small Industries Electrical Engineering 13,295
6 Eye Movement Controlled Wheelchair Electrical Engineering 62,950
7 Fully Automatic Solar Grass Cutter Electrical Engineering 29,250
8 Two Wheels Self Balancing Robot Electrical Engineering 12,110
TOTAL 264,266

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI) Project 2017-18

No. FYP Title Department Approved Amount PKR
1 Load Management Strategy in Smart Grid Station Electrical Engineering 42,000
2 Smart Glove for Paralyzed Patients Electrical Engineering 14,180
3 Monitoring and Control of Standby Generator Using Android App Electrical Engineering 36,000
4 Cost Effective and Power Enhancement of Solar Battery Charger Using Boost Converter Electrical Engineering 21,000
5 Design and Fabrication of Snake Like Robot Mechatronics Engineering 28,470
6 Design and Fabrication of a Pneumatic Hammer Low Capacity (1/8 pound) Mechatronics Engineering 48,425
7 Design, Fabrication and Control of Multifingered Prosthetic Hand Mechatronics Engineering 57,200
8 Human Hand Gestures Recognition System Using Body Sensor Network Mechatronics Engineering 55,000
TOTAL 302,275

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (NGIRI) Project 2015-16

No. FYP Title Department Approved Amount PKR
1 Android Cell Phone Based Controlled Robotic Car Using Microcontroller Computer Science 41,000
2 Smart Home for Smart Living Computer Science 23,395
3 Ultrasound Blind Walking Stick Computer Science 20,874
4 Design and Implementation of Smart Bi-Directional Energy Meter to Measure Electrical Parameters Electrical Engineering 12,030
5 Development of Conveyor Belt System for Distinguishing Objects Based on Height and Color Electrical Engineering 51,600
6 Design and Development of Digital Smart Synchroscope Electrical Engineering 18,900
7 Parcel Delivery Quad Copter Using GPS Electrical Engineering 48,200
8 Design and Development of Fully Automated Indoor Hydroponic System Mechatronics Engineering 41,000
TOTAL 256,999