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Chemical Engineering

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The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 2010 with an initial enrolment of 50 students. WEC having a great advantage of its proximity to Pakistan's largest concentration of industrial units which gives its students a hands-on experience to the theoretical knowledge imparted. The major areas such as Chemical, Petroleum, Refining, Cement, Glass, Fertilizers, Textiles, Explosives and Ordnance, being most relevant to Chemical Engineering puts the department at a great advantage.

The department has gained considerable prestige and standing in the academic and industrial world due to our highly motivated and outstanding faculty, hardworking and dedicated supporting staff and well equipped laboratories covering every aspect of Chemical Engineering education.

The graduates of this department contribute directly to the industrial and economic growth of the country. The curricular of the department is in line with the recommendation of Higher Education Commission. The objective of the courses is to prepare students for all activities related to the operation, design, maintenance, management and supervision of all chemical, bio-chemical and polymer plants. In addition to the conventional Chemical Engineering there is emphasis on pollution control and environmental processes, biochemical processes, materials science and material processing, heterogeneous catalysis, reaction engineering, engineering economics and entrepreneurial skills. At the department, we are conscious that our graduates will be employed in industries based on nanotechnology, biotechnology and higher performance composite materials. Non- Conventional lectures, talks and projects are therefore a part of our program where eminent experts in the relevant field are invited to conduct seminars or deliver lectures on the subject.

We are also aware of the global prospective of Chemical Engineering. The graduating students are encouraged, advised, assisted and recommended to apply for higher education/job both at national and international level.

Career Prospects

Having a BSc Chemical Engineering degree can make your career a bright one. Chemical engineering graduates have excellent employment prospects. They are employed by various national and multinational companies not only in Pakistan but their demand is also huge abroad. The graduates of Chemical Engineering are employed by,

  • Oil Refineries
  • Fertilizers Industries
  • Paper and Board Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Chemical Manufacturing Companies
  • Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy Sector
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Waste Recycling Operations
  • Fuel Reprocessing Companies
  • Waste Management
  • Plastic Industries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Natural Gas Distribution Companies
  • Oil and Gas Exploration Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Mineral Processing Companies
  • Energy Sector
  • Environmental Sector
  • Health and Safety Departments
  • Consulting Industries
  • Banking and Finance
  • And many others government and Private Companies


Following programs are offered at the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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