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Department of
Electrical Engineering
MS Electrical Engineering

Program Information

  • Eligibility Criteria: BSc Engineering in relevant discipline with minimum CGPA 2.0/4.00 or equivalent (55%), UW Entry Test or GAT-General (Minimum 50% Marks) or GRE-General (Minimum 50 Percentile).
  • Degree Requirements: Minimum 31 Credit Hours
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Semesters: 4

Scheme of Study

The courses in MS Electrical Engineering degree program are categorized as:

  • Core Courses (13 credit hours)
  • Elective Courses (12 credit hours)
  • Thesis (6 credit hours)
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
EE-602 Research Methodologies 1+0   MTH-701 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3+0
EE-663 Linear System Theory 3+0   EE-771 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control 3+0
EE-601 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3+0        
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
EE-603 Engineering Project Management 3+0   EE-654 Applied Information and Coding Theory 3+0
EE-604 Entrepreneurship for Engineers 3+0   EE-655 Optical Fiber Communication 3+0
EE-605 Leadership and Team Management 3+0   EE-661 Digital Control Systems 3+0
EE-606 Engineering Management 3+0   EE-662 Fuzzy Control 3+0
EE-611 Power Systems 3+0   EE-711 Intelligent Tools for Power System 3+0
EE-612 Power Quality 3+0   EE-712 Modeling and Simulation of Power System 3+0
EE-613 Alternate Energy Resources 3+0   EE-713 Power System Optimization 3+0
EE-614 Power Station Design 3+0   EE-714 Power System Dynamics and Stability 3+0
EE-615 Power System Reliability 3+0   EE-715 Advanced Topics in Power 3+0
EE-621 Power Electronics and Motor Drives 3+0   EE-731 Special Topics in Wireless Communication 3+0
EE-622 Protective Relaying 3+0   EE-741 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3+0
EE-631 Digital Communication System 3+0   EE-742 Biomedical Image Processing 3+0
EE-632 Wireless Technology 3+0   EE-751 Advanced Communication Engineering 3+0
EE-641 Image and Video Processing 3+0   EE-761 Advanced Control Systems 3+0
EE-651 Mobile Communication 3+0   EE-772 Optimal Control System 3+0
EE-652 Telecommunication Network 3+0   EE-762 Advanced Topics in Control 3+0
EE-653 Satellite Communication 3+0   EE-781 Non-Linear Control Systems 3+0
Code Course Title CH        
EE-799 Thesis 6        

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