BSc Mechatronics Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: FSc Pre-Engineering with at least 60% marks or DAE with 1st Division in relevant technology. Merit determined on the basis of 50% FSc marks & 50% UW Entry Test marks. UET Entry Test result is acceptable and such candidates will be exempted from UW Entry Test.
Degree Requirements: Minimum 136 Credit Hours Duration: 4 Years Semesters: 8

Scheme of Study

Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
ENG-103 Communication Skills 2   ME-104 Engineering Statics 3
ISL-101 Islamic Studies 2   EE-104 Network Analysis 2
MTH-105 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3   EE-104L Network Analysis Lab 1
EE-102 Electric Circuits 2   MTH-124 Linear Algebra & Ordinary Differential Equations 3
EE-102L Electric Circuits Lab 1   MTE-102 Data Structure and Algorithms 2
MTE-101 Computers and Programming 2   MTE-102L Data Structure and Algorithms Lab 1
ME-101L Workshop Technology Lab 2   HU-102 Professional Ethics 2
MTE-101L Computers and Programming Lab 1   PKS-101 Pakistan Studies 2
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 15 (11+4)   ME-102L Engineering Drawing Lab 2
          TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 18 (14+4)
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
ME-201 Engineering Dynamics 3   EE-214 Electronic Circuit Design 3
MTH-205 Vector Calculus 3   EE-214L Electronic Circuit Design Lab 1
EE-211 Digital Logic Design 2   ME-222 Theory of Machines 2
EE-211L Digital Logic Design Lab 1   ME-222L Theory of Machines Lab 1
EE-212 Electronic Devices and Circuits 3   MTH-206 Complex Variables and Transforms 3
EE-212L Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab 1   ME-213 Mechanics of Materials 2
ME-211 Materials and Manufacturing Processes 3   ME-213L Mechanics of Materials Lab 1
MTE-203 Object Oriented Programming 2   MTE-221 Actuating Systems 3
MTE-203L Object Oriented Programming Lab 1   MTE-221L Actuating Systems Lab 1
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 19 (16+3)   MTE-211 Control Systems - I 3
          TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 20 (16+4)
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
MTE-321 Transducers and Instrumentation 3   MTE-323 Robotics 3
MTE-321L Transducers and Instrumentation Lab 1   MTE-323L Robotics Lab 1
MTH-303 Numerical Analysis 2   MTH-304 Probability and Statistics 3
MTH-303L Numerical Analysis Lab 1   MTE-342 Mechatronics System Design 2
ME-331 Fluid Mechanics 3   MTE-342L Mechatronics System Design Lab 1
ME-331L Fluid Mechanics Lab 1   ME-321 Design of Machine Elements 3
MTE-332 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 2   HU-303 Technical Report Writing 2
MTE-332L Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab 1   ME-334 Fundamentals of Thermal Sciences 3
MTE-312 Control Systems - II 3   ME-334L Fundamentals of Thermal Sciences Lab 1
MTE-312L Control Systems - II Lab 1     TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 19 (16+3)
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 18 (13+5)        
Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
MTE-424 Industrial Automation 2   MGT-4XX Management Science Elective 3
MTE-424L Industrial Automation Lab 1   MTE-4XX Engineering Elective - II 3
ECO-401 Engineering Economics 3   MTE-4XX Engineering Elective - III 3
MTE-4XX Engineering Elective - I 3   MTE-499 Senior Design Project 3
MTE-433 Embedded Systems 2     TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 12 (12+0)
MTE-433L Embedded Systems Lab 1        
MTE-499 Senior Design Project 3        
  TOTAL (Theory + Lab) 15 (13+2)        

Elective Courses

Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
MTE-401 Artificial Intelligence 3   ME-421 Mechanical Vibrations 3
MTE-411 Digital Control Systems 3   ME-422 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing 3
MTE-441 Digital Image Processing 3   ME-423 Automobile Engineering 3
MTE-425 Introduction to Mobile Robotics 3   ME-424 Finite Element Methods 3
MTE-442 Medical Mechatronics 3   ME-433 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 3
ME-432 Energy Resources and Management 3   EE-411 Power Electronics 3
ME-431 Power Plants 3   EE-421 Digital Signal Processing 3

Code Course Title CH   Code Course Title CH
MGT-401 Engineering Management 3   MGT-404 Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Team Management 3
MGT-402 Total Quality Management 3