Saturday 13th, August 2022

Entry Test

General Instructions (Computer Based Entry Test)

Read the following instructions carefully.

There will be no negative marking in the test.
  1. The entry test starts exactly on time. The candidates should reach the test center half an hour before the commencement of the test.
  2. The entry test contains four sections. The sections are; Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & English.
  3. Each section contains 25 questions so a candidate will be asked 100 questions in total. (Sections can be attempted in any order).
  4. The entry test has 100 minutes time limit and while taking the entry test candidate will be able to see how much time he/she has remaining.
  5. A question and four possible answers will appear on screen. Candidate must an answer by clicking on the circle OR the written correct answer.
  6. Clicking on an answer submits it instantly so candidate should think twice before submitting.
  7. A candidate CANNOT return to a question once it is submitted.
  8. Candidate can skip a question if he/she don’t know the answer or want to attempt it later coming back, by first attempting other questions. All skipped questions will be asked once the candidate finishes other questions.
  9. If required, use scroll bar on right side of screen to move up or down the page.
  10. Each correct answer carries four marks.
  11. During the test, candidates must not talk, whisper or turn their eyes or head away from their own paper.
  12. No mobile phones, notes, books, armaments or any device that can be used for communication or to cause disturbance in the course of the test is permitted within the premises of the center.
  13. Any evidence of cheating or non-compliance of instructions will disqualify the candidate from the test and his/her name will be removed from the list of candidates.
  14. Candidate must logout once he/she finishes all sections and can leave the exam centre with instructor’s permission and after signing the attendance sheet.
  15. Result of the entry test will be displayed at the end.

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