Community Service Initiative

Establishment of UWEC Community Services Group

Service to community is of paramount importance to institutions that are socially responsible. Institutions of higher learning, in this day & age, have fast assumed discernible role in building economies by encouraging acts of social & civil engagement & producing holistic future leaders. Taking part and volunteering in issues of social & communal importance teaches compassion and understanding to both faculty & the students. Initiatives that facilitate giving back to the community have become a trait which the Higher Education Commission appreciates in universities, now more than ever.

Keeping in view these considerations, a UWEC Community Services Group is established, with representation from both UW & WEC. The main idea is to impart general awareness, knowledge, skills & necessary guidance to students as well as faculty, hence providing them an opportunity to be more socially active & responsible. Faculty members from both WEC & UW have been earmarked for this Committee, which is expected to expand as time passes.

To find out more about the initiatives taken by the group you can download UWEC Community Services Initiative Report. [ Here ]