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I. Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance
    As per HEC guidelines, the University of Wah regularly awards scholarships and Financial Assistance/Scholarships to its students under the categories mentioned below:
    • Merit Based Scholarship: UW provides merit scholarships to the academically competent students of BSc/MS and Ph.D programs of UW subject to the class strength and GPA of the position holders.
    • Need-Based Financial Assistance/ Scholarship: The Needbased financial assistance is granted to the talented students who are financially incapable of meeting the expenses of quality education. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.50 in the relevant semester with no 'F' or 'D' grade in the previous semester(s). The need-based financial assistance is awarded in the categories of Need- Based/Kinship/POF Employees and UW Employees.
    • Fee Concession: UW offers 10% fee concession to the students who have completed their intermediate level education from MDC in the current year if they join any undergraduate program of the University for further studies. UW also offers up to 15% fee concession to the children of serving POF Employees.
    • Students of BS Statistics and BS Sociology will be granted 50% concession in tuition fee in the 1st semester at the time of admission if they have secured 75% or above marks in their intermediate level examination.
  • Policy for Award of Merit Scholarships
    Every year University of Wah awards a large number of scholarships to the students of each degree program during regular residency on the basis of class size and performance (GPA). The amount of scholarship is 80%, 40% and 30% of the tuition fee for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Class size will refer to the number of students at the time of admissions in the first semester of program. However, the requirement of class size may be reviewed on case to case basis for the Department of Statistics and Department of Management Sciences. Details of class size and GPA for undergraduate/equivalent programs, unless otherwise mentioned is given below:
    • For award of one merit scholarship, minimum class size/GPA shall be 25/3.50 for all disciplines less Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, where the minimum class size/GPA may be 15/3.25.
    • If the class size is between 41 and 59, two merit scholarships will be awarded. Minimum GPA for 2nd merit scholarship is 3.00.
    • If the class size is above 59, three merit scholarships will be awarded. Minimum GPA for 3rd merit scholarship is 3.00.
    • The minimum class size/GPA for award of merit scholarship for MS students shall be 10/3.50 in all disciplines.
    • Individuals with F grade in examination of preceding regular semester and/or a punishment given for breach of discipline during last semester are not eligible for award of merit scholarship.
    • An intake of above 60 students in a batch and divided into section(s) of strength 30 each should be considered a separate class for award of merit scholarship from 2017 entry onwards.
  • Student Research Fund and Qarz-e-Hasna
    University of Wah Student Research Fund (UWSRF) had been instituted in 2017 to provide impetus to research and development activities and to offer financial relief to promising students facing financial constraints. Funding to active research work and associated laboratory development is also provisioned by this fund. UW has distributed over Rs 110 million, since 2010 in lieu of scholarships to almost 6,000 students. Overwhelmingly, based on the donations/grants from organizations and individuals, UWSRF was launched with the seed money of Rs 3 million. Except seed money, all fund proceeds including profit and donations will be subject to utilization under following categories:
    Category Percentage
    Qarz-e-Hasna/Scholarships 55%
    Research/Apparatus 45%


II. Graduate Degree Programs

  • Merit Scholarship
    UW provides merit-based scholarships to the academically competent students of MS programs subject to the class strength and GPA of position holders. The minimum class size and GPA for award of the scholarship for MS students shall be 10 and 3.50 respectively in all disciplines.
  • Fee Waiver Scheme
    University of Wah offers performance-based fee waiver for graduate students (MS and Ph.D.) of the University. Fee waiver will be awarded as per the criteria given in Table 1. Following conditions will also apply:
    • The student shall apply for the award of Fee waiver at the time of admission in first semester of the program to the Chairperson of the Department of study for further action.
    • The student shall attach with the application an “Undertaking” as per “Specimen” on Rs. 100/- “Stamp Paper” attested by the Notary Public.
    • The student who is also eligible for the award of Merit Scholarship scheme as per University Policy, he /she will be eligible to receive assistance only under one scheme
    • Fee waiver will not be granted to the student who is financially sponsored for the program of study by any other source (sponsor/department/agency/etc.).
  • Fee Concession
    UW offers up to 15% fee concession to the children of serving POF Employees (POF Wards) and graduates (previous 2 years) of University of Wah.

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