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UW Student Research Fund

(Constituted under Clause 13(a) of the Fund Trust Deed dated (7 February, 2017)

  • Title

    These Rules may be called the “UNIVERSITY OF WAH STUDENT RESEARCH FUND RULES”.

  • Commencement

    These Rules shall come into force from the date of execution of the University of Wah Student Research Fund Trust Deed.

  • Management

    The Fund bears the following Governing bodies

    • Board of Trustees
    • Executive Committee
      • Board of Trustees (“Board”)
        • Constitution, Powers and Functions

          As defined in the Trust Deed

      • Executive Committee (“EC”)
        • Constitution

          As provided in clause 5(e) of the Trust Deed dated 7 February, 2017. the Board hereby constitute an Executive Committee, in order to manage financial and operational activities of the Fund. The Committee shall consist of not less than 05 members. However, all members shall be ex-officio members.

          Structure of Executive Committee
          Vice Chancellor Chairman
          Director ORIC  
          Deputy Director Student Affairs Secretary
          Co-opted members

          Concerned Dean(s)
          Concerned Chairperson(s)/ Directors (s)

          (Invitation to Co-opted members will be extended by the Chairman of the Committee on behalf of the EC. Co-opted members will form part of quorum and can also cast vote, except where conflict of interest exist or established, such member(s) cannot cast vote.)

        • Powers and Functions

          The EC will function on behalf and under the direction of the Board. EC will be responsible for the management of all aspects of the Fund. EC will also guide, supervise and explore various activities for raising funds. EC is responsible for preparing and presenting, to the Board, the progress reports of the activities at-least once a year. To institute, conduct, defend or abandon any legal proceeding by or against the Fund or its officers or otherwise, concerning the affairs of Fund. Decisions by EC will be made by majority. EC may recommend any amendment, addition or deletion of any rule, to the Board for approval.

        • Proceedings
          • EC shall meet as often as necessary for carrying out the objectives of this Fund and shall conduct their affairs according to mutual agreement.
          • Three members shall form a quorum.
          • Meeting of the EC of the Fund may be called after giving 7 days’ notice, however in case urgent meeting is required, and that may be called on 3 days’ notice in writing.
  • Management & Operations of Fund
    • Scope of Funding

      Except seed money all Fund proceeds including profit and donations will be subject to utilization under following categories as under.

      Category Weightage %
      Qrz-e–Hasna/ Scholarships 55%
      Research 20%
      Lab. Development 25%

      All external funding for specific category/ purpose will be considered as donation to the fund and will be utilized for the purpose against which donated or under the same category.

    • Operational Bindings
      • Scholarships/ Qrz-e–Hasna

        All funding shall be in line with the relevant applicable provisions of UW Scholarship Guidelines. However, an amount not exceeding 10% of donation(s) each year will be specifically meant for funding under this category as on long as principal amount is below Rs. 100.00 million.

      • Funding to PhD Students

        The Fund not only provides scholarships and stipend to the selected PhD students but also provides following financial support as an alternate option:-

        • Tuition Fee Waivers

          Limited no. of PhD students will be granted tuition fee waivers, if they are willing to sign an undertaking for completion of the program and doing TA/RA duty (5 contact hours per week). The tuition fee waiver will be granted for on campus duration to full time students only, subject to satisfactory academic performance of the scholar.

        • Payment of supervisor remuneration, thesis evaluation fee and Research Grant

          PhD students will be facilitated in form of following support to facilitate their research and academic activities:

          • Grants for attending conferences, seminars and publishing of research papers.
          • Remuneration to PhD Supervisor on successful PhD thesis defense by the scholar and completion of all PhD degree requirements.
          • Lab/research material for research.
  • Eligibility- Qrz-e–Hasna

    The eligibility criteria are determined on the basis of following aspects:

    • He/she has obtained admission on merit through normal course/procedure.
    • He/she is not more than 25 years old.
    • He/she is unable to pursue studies due to financial constraints.
    • Has a CGPA = 2.5 or higher. Freshmen fulfilling above conditions with entrance merit above 75% are also eligible. CGPA = 3.0 for MS and 3.5 for doctoral students.

      The Loan facility will be available for entire duration of the stay on successfully maintaining above mentioned CGPA. The facility at later stages may also cover besides scheduled fees; boarding expense less meal charges and allowance for books (the fees and boarding expense will be directly paid to the University).

  • Ineligibility

    Students with following attributes are ineligible to avail the Loan:

    • Has been involved in any disciplinary case / subversive activity.
    • Has been drawing any other scholarship(s) even from any other institution(s).
    • Has failed in any subject/ course.
    • Incorrect / false/ not verifiable/ information provided on Application Form.
    • Defaulter of University dues.

    Students who withdraw from University/migrate while receiving scholarship/ financial aid will be subject to a return of funds they have received.

  • Refund of Loan

    Every beneficiary shall be required to submit a guarantee acceptable to the Executive Committee for the return of the loan as per agreed mode and schedule. The guarantor shall undertake to pay the amount to the University in case of default by the beneficiary.

  • Mode of Repayment of Loan

    The maximum period of repayment of loan is 6-Years from the date of disbursement of first installment. The beneficiary shall be encouraged to repay the loan as early as possible. Latest should be in monthly installments (minimum of Rs 10,000/-) after six months from the date of first employment or one year from the date of completion of studies at UW, whichever is earlier.
    To ensure no undue burden is placed on the recipients of this assistance, repayment plan can also be strictly income based (25% of the pre-tax income of initial seven years after leaving UW). The only evidence required from beneficiaries of the programs shall be copies of their national income tax returns. However, any balance payable due at 10 years from initial payment has to be refunded in full as the last installment.

  • Research

    All research funding will be subject to approval and sanction of EC. All funding proposal may be processed as per underlying procedure. However any proceed(s) realized in consequence thereof will be credited to the Fund in the proportion of funds consumed.

    • Non-Commercial

      All faculty member(s) willing to conduct research project/ work are required to submit technical and financial proposal to the Secretary EC for consideration and approval. Accordingly, release of funds will be subject to terms and conditions as assigned by the Committee or other-wise laid down in the guidelines referred for commercial based Projects.

      All applicants are also required, to submit desired information as given in (Annexure B) for grant of financial award for publication in HEC/UW recognized local/ international Journals/ Magazines.

    • Commercial based Project (ORIC)

      Allocation of funds against all commercial based project proposals shall be line with following operating procedures and guidelines given at Annexure C.

      • Non-Tariff- Cost Based Projects
        • Evaluation and submission of TOR and Financial proposal to EC.
        • Submission of TOR and Financial proposal to procuring institutions.
        • Sanction of fund by the procuring institutions.
        • Release of funds by the procuring institution to UWSRF
        • UW/ UWSRF share as assigned by the EC.
        • Release of funds to Project Coordinator
      • Fixed Tariff Based Projects
        • Defining and categorizing activities
        • Infrastructure requirements and procurements
        • Development of tariff
        • Seeking EC approvals
        • Procurement of Licenses
        • Submission of Financial proposal to procuring institutions
        • Billing against cash
        • Billing on credit will be subject to EC approval
        • UW/ UWSRF share as assigned by the EC
      • Lab. Development

        All Lab. Development proposals will be subject to approval by the EC. Moreover all procurements shall be in line with the applicable provisions of Purchase Rules and Procedures. However all cross boarder procurements will preferably be executed through LC.

  • Books of Accounts
    • Books of accounts should be maintained according to the Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles as adopted.
    • Separate bank accounts shall be maintained and shall be jointly operated by any two designated Officers nominated by the Executive Committee from time to time.
    • The financial year of the Fund shall be from first day of October to the 30th day of September.
  • Audit

    The Fund accounts shall be audited by an audit firm duly registered with ICAP and duly appointed by the Executive Committee for this purpose.

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