Faculty Profiles

Dr. Mohammad Asim Farooqi

Chairperson/Eminent Educationist & Researcher

Qualification: Ph.D. Engineering (Robotics), 1999, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Research Interests: Multi-fingered Robot Hand (Grasp Kinematics, Dexterous Manipulation Planning, Regrasping, Primitives based Manipulation), Autonomous Navigating Mobile Robots

Tel: (051) 905525216-17 Ext. 212
Email: asim@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Muhammad Nasimuddin

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing), 1989, UET Lahore, Pakistan
Research Interests: Manufacturing, Planning, Scheduling of Precision Equipment, Jigs & Fixtures, Different Sizes of Valves for Handling of Fluids, Hull Valves for Submarines, Aircraft Spare Parts

Tel: (051) 905525216-17 Ext. 206
Email: nasimuddin@wecuw.edu.pk

Dr. Shaukat Ali

Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph.D. Engineering (Robotics), 2011, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France
Research Interests: Bio-inspired Locomotion Robots, Kinematics and Dynamics of Mobile Multibody Systems, Wheeled Robots, Hyper-redundant/Soft Robots, Control and Optimization

Tel: (051) 905525216-17 Ext. 206
Email: shaukat.ali@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Waseem Shahzad

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MS Mechatronics Engineering, Air University, Pakistan, Ph.D. in progress
Research Interests: Embedded Systems, Robotics, Bio Mechatronics

Tel: (051) 905525216-17 Ext. 229
Email: waseemshahzad@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Muhammad Nafees Mumtaz

Assistant Professor (On Study Leave)

Qualification: MS Computational Science & Engineering, 2011, RCMS-NUST, Pakistan, Ph.D. in progress
Research Interests: Computational & Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Unsteady Aerodynamics, Wing in Ground Aerodynamics, Biomimetic Aerodynamics, Fluid Structure Interaction

Email: muhammad.nafees@wecuw.edu.pk

Ms. Fadia Sohail


Qualification: MS Electrical Engineering, 2013, HITEC University, Pakistan
Research Interests: Software Development, Optical Fiber and Communication, computer Networks

Email: fadiasohail@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Sajid Hussain Awan


Qualification: MS Mechatronics Engineering, 2014, CEME-NUST, Pakistan
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Mobile Robotics, Surgical Robotics and Machine Learning

Email: sajid.hussain@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Saqib Zafar


Qualification: MS Mechatronics Engineering, 2016, CEME-NUST, Pakistan
Research Interests: Digital Signal and Image Processing

Email: saqib.zafar@wecuw.edu.pk

Ms. Ayesha Maroof


Qualification: MS Industrial Engineering, 2016, UET Peshawar, Pakistan
Research Interests: Manufacturing, Thermodynamics, Optimization, Controls, Scheduling

Email: ayesha.maroof@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Ammar Ali Zeb


Qualification: MS Process Automation, 2013, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany
Research Interests: Multi Objective Scheduling and Modeling Hysteresis AI

Email: ammar.ali@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Saad Hasan Malik

Jr. Lecturer/Coordinator

Qualification: MS Mechanical Engineering, 2016, HITEC University, Pakistan
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Robotics, Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Email: saad.hasan@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Nauman Mehmood

Jr. Lecturer

Qualification: MS Robotics & Intelligent Machines, 2016, CEME-NUST, 2016, Pakistan
Research Interests: Instrumentation and Control, Robotics, Embedded systems

Email: nauman.mehmood@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Iqbal Hayat

Lab Engineer

Qualification: B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering, 2013, University of Wah, Pakistan
Research Interests: Embedded Systems

Email: iqbal.hayat@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Muhammad Qasim Manan

Lab Engineer

Qualification: B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering, 2014, University of Wah, Pakistan, MS in progress
Research Interests: Automation, Robotics and Intelligent systems

Email: qasim.manan@wecuw.edu.pk

Mr. Hassan Afzal

Lab Engineer

Qualification: BE Mechatronics Engineering, 2015, NUST, MS in progress
Research Interests: Control Systems, Electronics System Design

Email: hassan.afzal@wecuw.edu.pk

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